About Us

The Pink Telephone Company Limited was established in 1997. Initially the Company sold traditional telephony solutions from other suppliers. Nowadays it develops its own products and services, specifically built around the smartphone.

The first product, App2Chat, was launched in the UK in December to great acclaim. It offers all the features and functionality of the office desk phone on a smartphone. Already nominated for a number of prestigious marketing and innovation awards, App2Chat has been adopted as the telephony solution of choice by many companies, both small and large.

After a successful pilot programme, Hotel was launched in summer of 2015. This provides a concierge service to hotel guests by placing all hotel services at the touch of an icon on the Guest’s own smartphone. The hotel is also able to send notifications to guests regarding hotel services such as spa treatments, restaurant availability etc.

Transport offers a unique telecom solution to road haulage companies across Europe. The landline number of the road haulage company is added to the driver’s personal smartphone and can only be used for calls to destinations nominated by the company (e.g. head office, customers, suppliers etc.). The driver’s personal calls continue to be routed across his/her existing mobile network.

With additional innovative products and solutions in the pipeline, the Pink Telephone Company will only enhance its reputation for innovation and creativity in the future.